You can meet me in a day hotel, hotel, restaurant, wellness or in your home. You are responsible for the location. I don't offer incalls . I only agree on the region of West and East Flanders. For dates that last longer than 4 hours, I also visit the region of Antwerp, Brussels and Limburg.



The processing of all personal data is based on the Privacy Policy   according to GDPR. Your data will never be shared. I count on honesty and mutual discretion.



Correct identity information is required to guarantee my safety. Of course everything remains very discreet. If you provide false identity information, the date will be canceled immediately.



With new customers I always work with an deposit of 150 euros to confirm an appointment. This is only accepted by bank transfer at least 2 days before the appointment . The appointment will not be confirmed until I have received the deposit.

The other payment must always be made at the start of the appointment , without me asking about it. If you can't pay in cash, you can also pay by bank transfer or invoice . This must be paid two days before the date.


For trips or holidays , 50% of the amount is paid 2 weeks in advance. The remaining amount will be paid directly at the start of the trip.



Lastminutes are unfortunately not possible for new customers. An appointment is usually made at least 3 days in advance. Check my online agenda, before making an appointment.



If the hygiene is not in order, the appointment can be terminated. This also applies to the place (room / sanitary) and the environment where the date takes place. Hygiene is critical.



Respect is decisive for a successful date. Pressing, imposing or enforcing immediately puts an end to any agreement. This also applies to 'indiscreet' questions about escort work, telephone number, name, privacy, free dates, discounts, ... etc. Actions must always be done safely and protected.



Do not be in possession or under the influence of stimulants / drugs during the date. As far as alcohol is concerned, a glass is always nice to relax. An 'excess' of alcohol, on the other hand, is not done.



You are responsible for the extra costs during the date: location, drink consumptions, parking tickets, ...



Capturing, broadcasting or forwarding images and / or audio material is strictly prohibited. In the event of any suspicion or determination thereof, the agreement ends and immediately followed up.



If a cancellation threatens to take place, you must inform me by email as soon as possible. In case of cancellations less than 48 hours before the start, the deposit will be held as cancellation cost. In case of timely cancellations, the deposit will be kept for the next appointment.

If you arrive 15 minutes late for the appointment without notification, the appointment will be automatically canceled. No appointment is possible in the future.



If we spend the night together, understand that I generally need about 6 hours of uninterrupted sleep per night to function and 8 hours to maintain my uplifted temperament.

For dates of more than 24 hours, I need an extra 2 hours per day for myself.

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