'Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.'

You visited my website and found out a lot about me, now I want to know everything about you! Mail to me like you would send to a good friend, because nothing beats a first nice impression . Not sure where to start? Tell me a little about yourself, what drove you to my website, how do you see our romantic time together, what are your wishes and preferences? What would make our meeting unforgettable ?


I like to make the first contact via the form below , because it contains all the necessary information . Be sure to double check if everything has been entered correctly and completely. The smoother everything goes, the sooner we can meet.


Due to many anonymous calls, I deleted my phone number from the internet. But if you would like a short telephone conversation before our appointment, please let me know! When I have all the details, I immediately schedule a meeting.


All your information remains private and confidential. I have an incredible amount of respect for your privacy.


Kindly reminder:

  • I only respond to serious and friendly inquiries.

  • I do not accept short appointments.

  • I ask for an deposit of 150 euros.

  • For more details about my conditions. Click here.

  • I only do escort on location.



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