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Before we plan our exciting date, I invite you to take a quick look at the etiquette. Here you will discover the art of politeness and respect, making our meeting a unique experience.


Our initial contact is preferably done via email. Don't worry, I check my inbox multiple times a day. For a last-minute appointment, you can send a WhatsApp message.

I appreciate a detailed and respectful introduction. Please take the time to introduce yourself, including your name, age, background, the duration, time, and location of our desired encounter. Your specific expectations for our meeting are also essential.

I would like to convey to you that I am careful in selecting the clients with whom I schedule meetings. Therefore, I kindly invite you to maintain your communication as professional as possible in order to make a positive impression. Messages with an informal or inappropriate tone, or incomplete messages, will not be considered.


Whether you opt for a luxurious 4 or 5-star hotel, a wellness center, or the comfort of your own home, I bring my alluring charm everywhere. I can always assist in finding a suitable location for our rendezvous. I do not offer incall.

We can best start our meeting with courtesy. Offer me a drink of your choice, so we can break the ice and get to know each other a little. 

Appointments lasting longer than four hours will also include public time, such as a restaurant visit.


When we meet, I kindly request that you present the agreed-upon amount within the first 5 minutes of our encounter. This gesture will certainly contribute to a smooth and enjoyable experience for both of us. Please hand over this amount in an unsealed envelope.

If we meet in a public setting, it may be appropriate to present this envelope in a gift bag or discreetly hidden within a book.


Every word, every experience we share, is carefully preserved within an intimate atmosphere of trust. This principle is mutual: the secrets we share are for us alone, for no one else. Let us cherish this rule as the foundation of our stylish and unforgettable encounters.


I value a well-groomed appearance; you can expect a fresh mint scent with every smile from me and a silky smooth skin thanks to a meticulous skincare routine. I would appreciate it if you show the same respect for hygiene. Putting in a little effort such as brushing teeth, shaving, and neat grooming before our meeting can greatly contribute to the quality of our time together.


My health and well-being are a priority in order for me to give my best. I take this extremely seriously, which is reflected in regular health checks. Our time together is one of mutual respect and enjoyment within the safe boundaries of intimacy.

I find it extremely important that both of us, during our meeting, avoid any activities that may pose a risk to our health, including unprotected intimate contact. If you suggest such activities, unfortunately, it disrupts the harmonious atmosphere that I cherish during our encounter. I hope for your understanding that I do not make any exceptions in this matter.

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