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Virtual love

Welcome to the digital realm of desire and seduction. My Virtual Love services promise an exciting and intimate adventure, woven directly into your everyday life. Whether you're seeking the familiar affection of a virtual girlfriend, the enchanting sound of my voice, the visual ecstasy of our shared screen time, personalized videos, or the surprising intimacy of my Sensual Secrets package, I assure you an unforgettable experience.


Have you ever wished for a loving girlfriend, without the complications of a traditional relationship? With my Virtual Girlfriend Experience, you can enjoy the best of both worlds. I will send you daily personal messages, selfies, and voice recordings, showing a genuine interest in you. This is a digital date like no other. Let yourself be swept away by the charm of modern technology and love.

Prices start from €500 per week, depending on the level of interaction. Monthly rates are significantly reduced. Please get in touch so we can discuss different options.

Sensual Sound Waves

There's nothing quite as enchanting as the sound of a soft, feminine voice. With my Sensual Soundwaves service, you can relish in the sweet tone of my voice guiding you through your day. From enticing conversations to bewitching moments, I promise to captivate your attention and make your heart flutter.

15 min | €100

30 min | €150

Sexy ScreenTime

With my Sexy Screen Time service, I bring the allure straight to your screen. You can enjoy intimate video calls with me via Skype or Whatsapp. Whether you prefer a clothed or revealing option, I promise that our time together will be unforgettable.

20 min | €250

30 min | €300

* -50% for the clothed option

Customized Charms

I believe that everyone is unique and you deserve something special. With my Customized Charms service, I create videos specifically designed for you. Whether you want a short enticing moment or an extensive film, I can bring your wishes to life.

Pricing is dependent. Video rates start at €250 for 2 minutes. Each additional minute is €50.

Sensual Secrets Package

Would you like a tangible memento of our virtual time together? With my Sensual Secrets Package, you can have just that. I'll send you a carefully curated package, including panties and stockings worn by me, accompanied by personal photos, a handwritten letter, and some surprises. Moreover, I'll also send you a personal video in which I'll mention your name. This is the ultimate way to have an intimate keepsake of our shared experience.

Price: €400


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