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Online coaching 

Are you already earning well, but do you want to do better? I got you, let's level up!


A few years ago I started working as ahigh class escort. A new & very'exciting'world opened up for me. From a financially broken young lady I turned into astrong lady bosswho tries to inspire others to choose for themselves, and not care about what other people think of you. 


"In a world full of sheep you have to be the lion."

For many people it's an unusual jobthatraises a lot of questions. Even when I entered the 'sex world', I had no idea what to expect. I had nowhere to go withmy questions & problems. I made mistakes, got scammed,...But the faster you fail, the faster you learn. And oh, how quickly I learned...

With my experience, I guide ladies & gentlemen who want to start a career in theescort worldor people who arejust curiousand don't know it yet. We coverthemessuch as:

- How do I get started?
- What are the benefits of the job? Where are the pitfalls?
- How do I handle this business?

- How much money can you earn? How can I earn more?
- How do I deal with some clients?

Where do I set boundaries?

- How do I become the best version of myself?

In addition, I also guide ladies with more experience to take their business to ahigher level;better clients, earn more, feeling self confident... I'm a very social person with whom you will quickly feel comfortable. I don't judge and am here to help and guide you. 

You canbookacoaching sessionvia the contact form below. For the first time I count 1.5h. We have alot to discuss, and experience tells me that time flies by rather quickly.

See you soon xoxo Esmee


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