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Because of my strong interest in spirituality and sexuality, I wanted to take my service to a higher level. I learned various massages including the Kama marma massage, 5-element massage and the well-known Prana Flow.


The Prana Flow (= life force) is my absolute favorite. It's a relaxing massage focused on trust, surrender, equality and aimlessness. A fusion and strong energy is created between your chakras, which will make you feel more confident, stronger and more balanced. A balance is made between your male and female energy.


Tantra is about feeling, not thinking. This massage is given completely nude and is therefore the perfect start for a successful date. An intense sexual tension arises, because your heart and sexuality are connected. After such a massage, you will experience sexuality better and differently (more lovingly).


A tantra massage (60 minutes) is possible with every appointment for min. 3h and at my home.

Please let me know in advance.